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Welcome to the home of Bard Boy, a novel by Nigel Holloway.

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Bard Boy is the humorous story of Edward’s journey from innocent Welsh valleys boy to potential leader of the newly rejuvenated and technologically manipulative Druid Movement.


When his fanatical Methodist grandmother proclaims Edward as the reincarnation of the founder of the Druids, will their ruthless spin doctor seize on this unexpected public relations gift, and accept Edward into the very heart of the organisation?  Or will he denounce him as a fraud?  Will Edward's sudden emergence from total obscurity be hailed as the Second Coming?  Will it be sufficient to divert public attention away from the suspicious mass drowning of the Wales Assembly Government?  Will Edward's visions help win the Druids the forthcoming election?  Or would the role of a martyr to the cause suit young Edward better?  

Either way, there’s a Methodist hit man coming for him… 

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