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Welcome to the home of Nigel Holloway's adaptation of the Beggar's Opera, set to the music of Arthur Sullivan, and much indebted to W S Gilbert for many of the lyrics.

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With a cast of thieves, cut-throats, highwaymen and whores - all those parts we all love to play - The Savoy Beggar's Opera is a classic romp through the criminal underworld of John Gay's London, showing that corruption and vice can be found in the lowest and highest levels of society.  The language has been updated to make it understandable for today's audiences, and the piece can be put on with minimal sets and costumes. 

Especially written for all those Gilbert & Sullivan societies who fancy doing something different, The Savoy Beggar's Opera gives the opportunity for strutting their stuff through the eighteenth century, or bringing it right up to date with a modern day version, but always with Sullivan's music guaranteeing an evening of sheer delight. 

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