The book examines the moral dilemma of a surgeon, thrust into the unforgiving limelight of media attention because of his dramatic breakthrough in resuscitating the dead, and forced to choose between professional failure, and his own humanitarian instincts.

Despite his A-list status, surgeon Hamish McAllister is finding that there are drawbacks to playing god.  The established church, for one.  They’d like to crucify him.

Elizabeth died.  But now that she’s alive again, who is she?  And why can’t she catch?

Geraldine is dying for revenge.  But she has to be dead to get it.  She never wanted to be brought back to life – especially to spend it in a wheelchair.

Richard wants his dead wife back.  Can he forget what she and Hamish did to him, and live happily ever after?

Three murders, two suicides and a judicial execution.

Death, life and virtual immortality - at the end of a 13 amp plug.

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