Where did the idea come from

Second Death is Nigel's fourth novel, and evolved from an original 30-minute television script, through a full-length stage play, into a 90-minute television drama, and finally its present form.  That leaves only three more possible incarnations (I think): a screenplay, a radio drama and a computer game! 

Watch the video trailer - click here.

The idea was originally sparked by Gordon Bell’s research project into life-logging sponsored by IBM and Microsoft, where the life-logger automatically records in images and sounds everything that happens to the wearer.  The futuristic technology was also described in a documentary for BBC TV - James May's Big Ideas: Man Machine described the use of the SenseCam - here's a video on YouTube.

And now Google has got in on the act with Google Glass...


In addition, the novel The man who owned the world by Charles Eric Maine (1960) introduced me to the concept of ‘post-mortic surgery’, which allowed the reconstruction of the human being from spare parts and effectively allowed people to live forever.

The title of the book is a reference to Second Life, a virtual world developed by Linden Lab where players can live out an artificial existence through their avatars.

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